Scientific working groups

    Scientific working groups

    Stem cell research and the leading edge of national and international scientific developments is the basis for the scientific working groups. The members in the scientific WGs will discuss recent research activities, interact in specific projects and voice their opinions on novel developments in their scientific field. Furthermore, discussion will be initiated how research can approach scientific questions with novel methodologies and concepts. Questions on the use of technologies and cell types, as well as new insights in developmental and signaling processes and function of genes may be discussed. 

    The scientific WGs are: 

     Pluripotency and re-programing
     Somatic stem cells and development
     Basic, translational, applied hematopoiesis
     Stem cells in diseases (cancer stem cells)
     Stem cells in regenerative therapies
     Stem cells in disease modeling and drug development
     Computational stem cell biology

    The GSCN welcomes suggestions for additional working groups. Please send your suggestions to the coordination office including the names of members supporting the working group. Suggestions will be discussed at the next member convention.

    Further information:

     Short movie about stem cells (source: Stem Cell Network - Canada)

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