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     Pressemitteilung: (13.9.2019) Zukunft der Zelltherapien - GSCN Jahreskonferenz in Berlin vom 23. bis 25.9.2019
     Press release (5.9.2019) GSCN Awards 2019 - Discover the potential of stem cells
     Pressemitteilung (20.11.2018)  Der steinige Weg zur Stammzell-Therapie
     Pressemitteilung (10.9.2018) Kaleidoskop der Stammzellforschung in Heidelberg

     Press release (20.8.2018): Dormant and aggressive stem cells - 2018 GSCN Prize Winners

     Pressemitteilung (6.9.2017): Die zwei Seiten der Stammzellen im Alter -

    5. Jahreskonferenz des GSCN in Jena vom 11. bis 13.9.2017

     Press release (18.8.2017): GSCN Awards 2017 - Eavesdropping on the conversation of stem cells

     Pressemitteilung (18.8.2017): GSCN Wissenschaftspreise 2017: Dem Gespräch der Stammzellen lauschen

    Download Pictures Awardees: Francesco Neri (Copyright: FLI/Kaestner)
    Elly Tanaka (Copyright: IMP Vienna)
    Barbara Treutlein und J. Gray Camp ( MPI
    Evolutionary Anthropology)

     Pressemitteilung (10.5.2017): Stammzellen verstehen: Schüler schlüpfen in die Rolle von Wissenschaftlern

     Pressemitteilung (05.01.2017): Karl Lenhard Rudolph übernimmt für 2017 die Präsidentschaft des Deutschen Stammzellnetzwerks (GSCN)

     Press Release (06.09.2016) - 4. Jahreskonferenz des GSCN in Hannover_Stammzellforschung: Von Organoiden, Blutsystemen und Ersatzgewebe

     Press Release  GSCN Awards 2016 (06.08.2016): All eyes on stem cells

     Essay from the World Health Summit Yearbook 2015: Stem cells in disease modeling and regenerative medicine - Perspectives, challenges and realities (by D. Besser)

     Press Release GSCN Awards (04.08.2015): Excellent Stem Cell Researchers

     Moratorium on genetic engineering of the human germline

    Statement on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes

    The German Stem Cell Network, together with leading biomedical research organisations, learned societies, industry representatives, universities and patient groups, has signed a pan-European statement supporting the Eurpean Directive 2010/63/EU on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes. (Link to EN  European Animal Research Association (EARA)DE  European Animal Research Association (EARA)

    The statement highlights that

    • Research using animals has facilitated major breakthroughs in medicine, and remains a necessary part of scientific efforts to understand biology and diseases, and to develop safe and effective novel therapeutics.
    • The European Directive has enhanced welfare standards across the EU and embeds the concepts of refinement, replacement and reduction (the '3Rs') within EU legislation. It also ensures that animals are only used in research if the potential medical, veterinary and scientific benefits are compelling and there is no viable alternative method.
    • Whilst the scientific community is not able to fully replace the use of animals at the present time, it should continue to make progress in developing alternative methods to the use of animals in research.

    Joint Statement on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes (EN)
    Gemeinsame Erklärung zum Schutz der für wissenschaftliche Zwecke verwendeten Tiere (DE)


     Press Release (31.10. 2014): Deutsches Netzwerk der Stammzellforscher wächst: 400 Wissenschaftler treffen sich in Heidelberg


     Press Release (07.05.2013): Deutsches Stammzellnetzwerk gegründet

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