Natural persons

    Natural persons

    Membership in the GSCN is open to individuals who are interested in stem cell research and cell-based regenerative medicine. This can be demonstrated in the form of publications and regular attendance of relevant scientific meetings on stem cell research. Membership is open to students who are interested in stem cell research and cell-based regenerative medicine. The membership is OPEN to persons world-wide and NOT restricted to persons working in Germany. Members accept the  articles of association and rules of the GSCN.

    Benefits of membership

    • Reduced registration fees for the annual conference of the GSCN
    • Participation in meetings and workshops of the strategic and scientific working groups
    • Receipt of GSCN publications (Annual report, Newsletter)
    • Possibility to participate in working groups and to develop the research environment on stem cell research further (public outreach, funding policy, strategic topics like translational research)
    • Participation and co-determination in online votes and in the convention of GSCN members during the annual conference
    • Admission to the internal members area and to the contact details of all members, who agreed to this 
    • Free admission to the expert database of the GSCN with international experts in different fields of stem cell research

    Annual fee

    Full member   120 €
    Junior member           40 € (up to 4 years)

     Download membership application form for natural persons

     Download student/technical assistant confirmation form

    To minimize the adminstrative expenses, we would like to ask you, to issue a direct debit authorization to the GSCN. Please fill in the following form and send it by postal mail back to the GSCN central office.

    Download SEPA Direct Debit Mandate

    As a non-profit association (gemeinnütziger, eingetragener Verein; e.V.) the GSCN can issue receipts for donations to its members for submission to the tax authorities in Germany.

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