Benefits of membership

    1. Advanced notification and offers of support options for the annual conferences in different German cities and preferred choice of booth position.
    2. Co-organization of workshops of the scientific working groups.
    3. Publication of an editorial article from your company in the GSCN annual report (½ page).
    4. Free conference pass at the annual conference for all days (including networking event) for one representative of your company (not transferable during the conference).
    5. Participation in the GSCN member assembly at the annual conference with one vote.
    6. Placement of your company’s logo in publications and on the GSCN Website indicating the web address.
    7. Possibility to shape the research environment on stem cell research socially, politically and strategically (for example on translational topics) through the participation in working groups.
    8. Free admission to the members-area and to the contact details of the members, who confirm to disclosure.
    9. Free access to the expert database of the GSCN with national experts in different fields of stem cell research.
    10. Free publication of job and internship offers on the GSCN Website.

    Annual fee

    Companies with up to 20 fulltime employees           900 €
    Companies with up to 20 fulltime employees 
    without additional benefits, i.e.excluding benefit
    1., 2., 3., 7.
    500 € 
    Companies with more than 20 fulltime employees           1800 €

     Download membership application form for legal persons

     Download additional agreement for companies

    As a non-profit association (gemeinnütziger, eingetragener Verein; e.V.) the GSCN can issue receipts for donations to its members on a pro rata membership fee of 120 €/year for submission to the tax authorities in Germany.

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