Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The 3rd International Annual Conference of the GSCN welcomed 400 participants and 25 companies to the Otto Stern Center (Goethe-University, Campus Riedberg) in Frankfurt/Main from 9 - 11 September 2015.

Please find the meeting report  here.

The conference again covered the latest findings from the field of stem cell biology - from organoides to genetic scissors. The interaction of scientists working on different types of stem cells (embryonic stem cells, stem cells in adult organs and cancer stem cells) has proven to be very fruitful at the GSCN Annual Conferences. Application of stem cells in regenerative therapies, disease modeling and drug development will be covered as well as strategic issues related to stem cell research, e.g. career development, public outreach, funding policies and clinical trials with stem cells.

Most speakers were selected from the abstracts submitted leading up to the conference. While the event focused on stem cell research in Germany, participants from countries around the world attended and presented their abstracts. The program was completed by invited keynote lectures to present the international points of reference for this fast growing field of research. We are very pleased that Andras Nagy (Toronto), Paul Riley (Oxford), Hans-Willem Snoek (New York) and Andreas Trumpp (Heidelberg) followed our invitations to present their most recent results.

Moreover, in 2015 the GSCN established the following awards for scientists in Germany: Young Investigator, Female Scientist, Publication of the Year (find out more  here). In a Presidential Symposium on the second day of the conference, the three awardees as well as the GSCN founding president Oliver Brüstle presented their newest findings.

The final session of the conference was a Joined Session with LOEWE Center for Cell and Gene Therapy Frankfurt (CGT).

We enjoyed the 2015 GSCN conference and would like to already invite you to the 4th GSCN conference at the Medical School Hannover (MHH) from 12 - 14 September 2016.
See you all in Hannover!!

Yours sincerely,
The program committee

Daniel Besser (Berlin)
Thomas Braun (Bad Nauheim)
Ulrich Martin (Hannover)
Michael Rieger (Frankfurt)
Elly Tanaka (Dresden)
Andreas Trumpp (Heidelberg)
Harald von Melchner (Frankfurt)  

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